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At CAISS education is by far the single most important need which is being addressed hence over the last few years we have been especially focusing on our students’ educational well-being. We encourage all students to complete at least their graduation and certainly go in for higher education – a masters, specialised courses and trainings among others. 

Our focus has been to make our children not only job-ready but also career-prepared with the correct skills. This will in the days to come will remain the need that every young person will need to face.

All children and youth, through the programme are provided with the core benefits, namely school fees, supplies and kit, uniforms, text and exercise books, transportation, tiffin, annual fees, shoes, toiletries, private tuition fees and hostel accommodation charges, basically anything they need to keep them in school. All of this is given only after the due process of screening is completed.

At CAISS, it is not just about providing financial assistance but looking after the all-round development of the child. Sensitization Programmes Skill Building Workshops are held for all the children and for their parents to equip them with the knowledge and skills to handle the situations everyday life keeps throwing up. Psychosocial support is also provided for those who may need advice. At the Education Panel on the Sundays of the month while we sit to disburse sponsorships we always ensure we meet both the children and their parents at least once a quarter.

Awards for Excellence in Academics for the year are also awarded to meritorious students who excel in their studies to encourage the kids to take their studies seriously. We have also started the process of a required percentage criteria for the amount of assistance a child may receive, this may seem cruel but the effects we see make us believe we are moving in the right direction.

Today we see an increase in children pursuing higher studies and they are always given preference. Generally the most basic need is met but this may vary keeping in mind other sponsorships and the family Income. Children are always encouraged to seek other sponsorships as the amounts required are high and it is not always possible for CAISS to come up with the entire amount required.

This Project has been supported by generous donors from Canada, USA, Australia ,UK and other parts of the world with an objective to ensure that the next generation of the community concentrates on their studies. We have children are fully sponsored by individual sponsors also from Canada, Australia, U.K., India, U.S.A. and Switzerland.

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