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The Calcutta Anglo-Indian Service Society (CAISS) was registered as a Society on the 8th of September 1976 and has been working in Kolkata for the upliftment of the marginalised of the community. The society is managed by a Steering Committee of twelve persons who are honorary and look after the work of the society.

CAISS has been involved in meeting the immediate needs of the community, for the aged providing assistance in the form of rations, medicals and a monthly pension, for the children, support for their education in the form of fees, books, school charges, boarding fees, uniform, tiffin and transport expenses, for those who need a steady income, assistance in finding suitable jobs, providing jobs skills training and micro loans to setup small scale enterprises, for those without a home, a shelter for the night and a warm meal served with care, for those who need a friend, someone to talk to.

The society today has a membership of around 530 members all of whom are Anglo-Indian and 52 associate members who generally are non Anglo-Indian spouses of Anglo-Indian members which means that 91% of the members of the society are Anglo-Indian.As an organisation it is our endeavour to make things happen in the words of our erstwhile Convenor, Ms Philomena Eaton, “where there is a need supply it”.



CAISS would like to see a society which respects the dignity of every Anglo-Indian and ensures that they are treated with equality and are considered contributing citizens of this country.




  1. To endeavor to satisfy the Educational, Social, Cultural and material needs of the Anglo-  Indian community.

  2. To prepare the Youth of the community to take an active and constructive role in the affairs of the community and the country.

  3. To cultivate the highest ideals in business and professional occupations through community    service activities.

  4. To develop the fellowship of Anglo-Indians through the medium of the Society's activities.

  5. To foster a sense of community consciousness and national pride.

  6. To extend the activities of the Society.




  1. Engage and assist in such other philanthropic activities as may be deemed appropriate by the General Body of the Society.

  2. Collect donations and subscriptions for the work of the Society.

  3. Do all such things as may be deemed incidental or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing  objectives

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Tanya Cranenburgh Baptiste.

As a kid, CAISS to me meant just two things a year, the dressy 26th dance and the fun filled family picnic. As I grew up I realized it was much more than just the dances and the fun,there was a much deeper rooted GOAL  to this small organization with a GIGANTIC HEART. Knowing  of CAISS and it’s works is something that has been in my life and apart of my family since as far back as I can remember. Watching members of the committee put in not just effort but most importantly their TIME, which in today’s day and age is PRICELESS.

Thank you CAISS not just for spreading HOPE, but also for teaching us ‘Charity begins at home, but spreads to SOCIETY’

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Share with us what you feel about CAISS its work or relevance today and we will post it here.


Andrea Rixon

CAISS to me is home. A home where I was taught to give and give endlessly. As a member of CAISS, I have learnt the value of helping people and see the big smile that comes on their faces when they receive. I’ve been in CAISS all my life, from a baby to an eighteen year old and it has shaped me in so many ways that could never thank them enough for. I live in Vancouver now and do not live in my hometown Calcutta anymore but CAISS will forever live in my heart. Being a part of the CAISS family has helped me be the woman I am today. Thank you CAISS for everything that you did and everything you do. 



Share with us what you feel about CAISS its work or relevance today and we will post it here.

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