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CAISS is a Social Service Community Based Organisation (CBO) in the true sense of the word. We encourage every Anglo-Indian (i.e. person whose father in the male line is/was of European descent) above 18 years of age to become a member of the CAISS family.


You may be anywhere in the world but if you have a heart for the community which still tingles at the thought of being an Anglo-Indian then you should become a member. We encourage all Anglo-Indians to become members of this CAISS family.


We at CAISS believe that your being a member gives us the much needed support we need in terms of being the voice of Anglo-Indians who find themselves in difficult circumstances. Membership is given to any person (i.e. person whose father in the male line is/was of European descent) who by the definition in the Indian constitution is an Anglo-Indian.


A person who is not an Anglo-Indian by the above definition, but is a husband, wife, son or daughter of an Anglo-Indian member and who is above the age of 18 years may be admitted as an Associate Member at the appropriate rates of membership subscription. Such associate members cease to be member when their husband/wife/parents who is full member ceases to be a member.



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Thank you for your message !

At CAISS we need YOU come and join us and share the workload. You are welcome come along and get involved.

You are important : CAISS Continues to do what it does because you stand with us. People from across the globe continue to hold out HOPE in the form of the much needed support they provided by getting their hands dirty – getting involved


You can volunteer your services. Come and help us extended our services to members of the community who find themselves in difficult circumstances. Volunteer needed no professional experiences & there is no age limit. All they need to bring with them is the right attitude, listening skills, warmth and compassion. Anyone who wishes to come out and help us may always do so there is lot to be done and “the labourers are few”. You could be our where ambassador wherever you are and disseminate information, encourage people to take up sponsorships and support the work of CAISS.



We don’t believe that just donations can change lives but YOU can. we ask you to give generously of your time, skills and knowledge as it is our endeavor not just to raise funds but also to make friends. 


Any person is welcomed to volunteer with us. If you are interested to volunteer and participate in our activities, we request you to drop a message with your name and email in the box alongside. 

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