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Firstly Thank YOU for taking an interest in looking at this section of our website weather out of curiosity of concern it is evident that you CARE. At CAISS it is not about sponsorship that we would like to talk, it’s more about sharing the burden of CARE that makes us push on with reaching out to make a difference in people’s lives. It’s your generosity and thoughtfulness for the community which is much appreciated. It is because of kindhearted people like you that CAISS is able to reach out to the marginalized of the community across the City of Kolkata.


In as much as we would like to wish away the pandemic the situation that has unfolded I still grim. The effects of the economic slowdown, the loss of jobs, the difficulty to earn and find gainful employment is now hitting home. We have lost a lot the community here in Kolkata has been dependent on service orientated jobs and those have fared the worst. This as you will agree triggers of the cycle of poverty. For some of us it’s easy to believe it is someone else’s problem but the need to get involved is now or else we will lose this opportunity and it will be too late.


Our own professional careers are also not kind to us as the work keeps mounting this again leads us to cut corners and things get overwhelming.

We at CAISS have been able to do bank transfers to all our seniors and our kids all of the 300 odd families, thus the transparency and accountability to claim that we exist to CARE.

Your support has always been forthcoming at a time when we needed it the most and we know it’s never easy to put yourself on the line with friends and family. We appreciate this immensely. Thank you so very much for your kind donations these have made our services available to many more families. It is because of kindhearted people like YOU that CAISS is able to reach out to the marginalized across the City of Kolkata. Your generosity and thoughtfulness continue to bring a smile to those who needed something were reached and made comfortable.


At CAISS we want to make things more practical, tangible and doable both for us and YOU who may be willing to support our work. Find given below some of the options you have to join us to give back some kind soul their dignity.



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