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This panel was started a few years ago. We approached a few mothers who are simple housewives and asked them if they were interested to learn a skill and make a living for themselves someday. They seemed to be very enthusiastic and from there on they started coming for regular classes.

Our Self-Employment Centre meets twice a week and teaches the mothers of our children and those who wish to learn a skill to sew, knit, etc. and the items made are sold by them. The Self-Employment Panel later evolved into a Job Skills Training Panel this was because we wanted to teach a skill which could make the ladies ready both to run their own centre or work with other agencies. The  ladies are  taught to make many useful items, viz. pillow covers, both in plain and frilled designs, Kitchen Towels of various colors’ in checks, CD glass covers decorated with satin and netted lace material, glass/bowl/tray covers crocheted in white netted material bordered with hanging colored beads.

Christmas items and decorations, such as glittered wreaths and wall hangings, are made and sold at our carnival in November/December every year.

The ladies enjoy working at the Centre and do not mind working from home as well. A little encouragement would not only help these ladies to prosper but also help CAISS to grow. All the finished products (handkerchiefs, table cloths, glass covers and other articles) are sold and the income used to give a stipend to the ladies and also kept to enhance the Project.

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