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​​The Social Welfare Panel assists the aged of the community who are faced with difficulties with pension, rations, medicals, bus fare, distress assistance and to a few part payment for house rent.

A pension of Rs. 500 per month is given; all of them also receive a medical allowance of Rs. 300 per month. A dry ration consisting of 2 kgs rice, ½ kg Dal and ½ kg milk powder and Rs 100/- towards flour, potatoes and onions is also given every month. In addition a distress allowance ranging from Rs 250/- to 1000/- depending on the need may also be given.


CAISS assists also by reimbursing medical expenses, doctor's consultation, cost of pathological tests and also in deserving cases part-payment towards major operations or treatment of illnesses requiring hospitalisation. CAISS also provides medical assistance to persons not registered and not receiving regular assistance, this is done on a case by case basis and all cases are subject to a process of screening.

Under the “Christopher Road Overseas Project” (CROP) families are being paid Rs. 1000 pm towards rent, and also assistance towards the initial security deposit of up to Rs. 20000 which may be  given on receipts issued by the landlord.

Burial expenses are also taken care of to the tune of Rs. 3500 per person; this is a very small amount when looked at against the actual expenses that are required.

At CAISS it is always the most immediate need that we try to meet and this is done keeping in mind the current situation that a person or family may find themselves in.

This Panel has been supported by generous donors mainly from Canada, the USA and Australia with an objective to ensure that the aged of the community here in Kolkata who may find it difficult to make ends meet are provided with some assistance to make life a little bit more pleasant thus care is taken to help them with the most pressing need.

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