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This project has been part of our services for over 10 years now and has assisted a number of our seniors with their vision. At CAISS it is a holistic care that we endevour to provide and thus with age eye care was an obvious addition.

Eye Camps are carried out every three months (depending on the response) at the Priyamvada Birla Eye Hospital. At the camps experienced professionals in the field carry out a screening and each patient is checked by more than one doctor, before advising treatment. Relevant tests are carried out and treatment given for those who are Diabetic or have a Heart problem, before surgery. Post operative care, which is more important than the operation itself is also advised.


Patients who do not require operations but spectacles instead, are supplied with the same. Facility for glaucoma & retina testing are also available. All operations are held at the M. P. Birla Eye Clinic.


This Project has been supported by generous donors from Australia and other parts of the world with an objective to ensure that the sight of people who find it difficult to see is treated and care is taken to help them with the necessary assistance that is required by them

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