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As part of our endeavour to ensure that our unique culture is passed down to the next generation which is one of the objectives of the society a Youth Group has been identified and continues to grow. The group organise visits to the old age homes, spend time with less fortunate children, assist in the working of the panels and in the various functions held by the society. Some of the major attractions for the youth are the Jam Session, a three day camp, sensitization and life skills training programmes and the annual Carnival.

The entire focus of the panel is to foster closer relationships among the young people of the community; to educate them in the ethos and significance of their culture; to provide a platform for various talents; to make them proud of being Anglo-Indian and to create leaders in the community for the future.


The panel is not only in charge of social activities for young people but also brings them closer on an intellectual and educational level. The Youth Panel comprises of students (assisted by CAISS) and our members /member’s children between the ages of 12-24 years. Some of the programmes organized are : The Derrick Hines Memorial Quiz; Yuvsangeet - an inter School music competition, Youth Camp; Spelling Bee and sensitization programmes. Apart from Youth Specific Events, the young people come out in large numbers to volunteer their assistance for all CAISS organized programmes.


Through these programmes we reach out to the Youth helping them to harvest their talents and showcase the same. Apart from this workshops are held specifically catering to the Youth on issues related to them, like career counseling, substance abuse, health and hygiene among others.


The various programmes are organized by the Youth Core Committee who are in charge of organizing, planning and execution of all the programmes. This is done under guidance and supervision of the Steering Committee. In this way leadership and responsibility is inculcated in the young people

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